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Improve Workplace Safety With Our Range of Body Harnesses 

Health and safety is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any construction project. Investing in a fall protection harness not only improves safety in the workplace for you and your employees but also demonstrates your willingness to abide by health and safety regulations. At Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd, we only supply the highest-quality harnesses to give you peace of mind that you’re safe whilst working from height.


Whether you’re after a full body harness or a work positioning belt, Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd has got you covered. If you find that you’re working in the dark, then our range of high-visibility fall protection harnesses would be a perfect fit for your project. We also stock elasticated harnesses that are renowned for its comfortability, meaning that it would be ideal for any scaffolders that are working from height for most of the working day! Get in touch with our expert team to have your safety harnesses delivered to your doorstep or worksite!

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