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2023 Safety Gear Statistics And Facts

As the name would suggest, safety gear is an essential part of practically navigating a potentially dangerous situation. Be it an elevated position atop a platform, interacting with hazardous materials or using a sharp or bladed instrument, such gear can take you out of a spot of bother. Looking to discover the important details in 2023? We’ve collected some of the standout information, accessible in one handy place - this comprehensive blog courtesy of Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd. From accident prevention to sourcing a reliable supplier, read on!

Safety harness

Fatal Accidents

In the complex area of workplace safety, statistics act as a stark reminder of the importance of adequate equipment and gear. Between 2022 and 2023, a total of 135 workers tragically lost their lives in work-related accidents in the UK. Even more concerning, shockingly, 40 of these fatalities occurred due to a fall from height. These distressing figures highlight the urgent need for comprehensive safety gear, especially harnesses, to protect workers operating at elevated positions. Such attire may be the difference between a minor mistake and an all-out disaster.

Harness Complexity

When it comes to safeguarding against falls, safety harnesses emerge as a crucial piece of equipment. A safety harness is not just a simple accessory; it comprises several key components that work together to provide maximum protection. The primary element is the webbing, which forms the basis of the harness and must be made of durable, high-quality materials. Attached to the webbing are D-rings and buckles, which allow the harness to be secured around the worker. Proper adjustment of the harness is essential to ensure a snug fit and optimal safety. Moreover, the inclusion of shock-absorbing lanyards adds an extra layer of protection, minimising the impact of a fall.

A Dangerous Industry

The construction industry, undoubtedly vital to societal progress, sadly records a disproportionately high rate of accidents. The very nature of construction work involves tasks carried out at great heights, leading to a higher risk of falls and injuries. This means that the demand for reliable and effective safety gear becomes paramount. By adopting stringent safety measures and utilising appropriate equipment like harnesses, the construction sector can significantly reduce the number of accidents and safeguard the well-being of its workers.

Your Trusted Supplier

In the quest for top-notch safety gear and equipment, companies need not look further than Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd. With over 90 years of experience in supplying clients across the UK, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the safety gear industry. We understand that the safety of workers is non-negotiable and, as such, offer a comprehensive range of safety equipment, including cutting-edge harnesses. These harnesses are designed and manufactured to comply with British safety standards, ensuring workers can carry out their tasks with confidence and security.

At Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd, we are a friendly team of experienced professionals, who supply quality equipment to both domestic and commercial clients. We stock all of the leading brands, which can be purchased from our online shop - simply contact us for further information!

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