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3 Essential Pieces Of Lifting And Safety Equipment

If you are a tradesperson or engineer of any sort, there is a high chance that your job requires working at height from time to time. It should go without saying that, when working in these conditions, it is crucial that the necessary health and safety precautions are taken.

In addition to the necessary training, risk assessment and experience needed to perform work at height, there are certain pieces of equipment that make these jobs a lot easier and a lot safer.

Here is Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd’s guide to a few essential pieces of equipment.



First on the list are harnesses. These are used in a number of different professions, from tree surgery to engineering and structural maintenance. Designed to keep individuals securely fastened to the structure on which they are working, harnesses are a necessity for any project taking place at height.

Whilst the design may vary, from 2-point full-body harnesses to climbing work belts, the premise is the same. These great bits of kit allow workers to move freely, while safely secured at height.

What’s more, they even allow attachments for tools and hi-visibility accessories, increasing the efficiency and the safety of the wearer.

Fall Arresters

Another essential piece of equipment for those working at height in any capacity is a fall arrester. Used alongside a harness, a fall arrester is a system that prevents individuals from falling to the ground or injuring themselves.

Using a retractable lifeline, a fall arrest system catches the wearer if a fall is to occur, stopping any collisions with the ground or other structures whilst limiting the impact on the body.


Finally, small and often overlooked pieces of safety gear for those working at height are connectors. It is these handy little pieces of kit, such as rebar hooks and karabiners that allow workers to clip in and out of harnesses and move efficiently around the area on which they are focussing. For such simple bits of equipment, connectors are essential.

Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd

When it comes to buying lifting and safety equipment, you want to be certain it is of premium quality and comes from a trusted supplier. For all of your needs, from harnesses and fall arresters to lanyards and shackles, look no further than Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd.

With over 90 years of industry experience, we know what it takes to provide excellent service and incredible products. What’s more, all of our equipment comes with the relevant certificate of testing, so you can be sure you are using only the highest quality gear.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or ask a member of our friendly team about our services. Call us on 01446 700 945 or send an email to

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