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A Guide To Commercial Lifting

The invention of the hoist really did change the game for the construction world and transformed many industrial industries. Suddenly many companies could now lift far more heavy-duty items in a day and of course, the more you lift the more you earn. Aside from financial success, the invention of the modern hoist also created the chance for a series of far more ambitious building projects which would otherwise be relatively impossible.

The hoist isn't technically a modern invention and many will rightly mention the ancient world. It is of course well documented that the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used the hoist with great success. After all, the Great Pyramids would not have been possible without the hoist and the same goes for the Athena Parthenon in Greece and perhaps even the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

The modern hoist was invented by Fred R. Coffing in the 1930s. This new rendition of the classic design was named the chain hoist and allowed farmers and other industrial workers to lift loads that before would have seemed impossible.

So, what about the modern hoist? What do you need to foster a successful industrial business, and what hoist is right for you? Read on to find out!

Using a hoist

The benefits of a hoist system


Of course one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of the benefits of a hoist is safety. Lifting heavy objects is a well-known health risk and can severely damage your back and arms if you get into trouble. By using a hoist and lifting safety gear you can ensure that both you and your staff stay safe in the workplace.


Aside from drastically improved safety, a hoist will also increase your business's productivity. Clearly, by reducing the amount of manual labour you and your employees have to do, you will speed up the production line. This may also have a handy little benefit of increased profits.


The materials which your company needs to lift are likely fairly expensive items and damaging these may be incredibly costly for your profit margins. So, if you use a hoist system you may be reducing much of the human error risk within your warehouse, safeguarding your materials or products.

Types of hoists

As with many other industrial items, there are a wide range and variety of hoists which can be used for multiple different tasks. You may find that your business only needs one of these hoists or perhaps you need them all! So, what are the different types of hoists and what are they used for?

There are manual hoists which are mainly used for lighter items in the industrial industry. Then there is the electric hoist which can lift far heavier items. Finally, Lever hoists are the middle ground between these two and are a great choice as an ‘all rounder’.

So, if you need any help picking out your new hoist here at Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd we can help. Contact our experienced staff today to find out more!

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