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How to Provide a Safe Working Environment

Organisations should make it a top priority to create and maintain a safe workplace. In fact, Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) law states that employers must keep their workplaces safe at all times, as well as follow OSHA rules. However, putting up a few safety signs and having safety training once a year is not enough.

Organisations need to assertively foster and promote a strong safety culture all year long so that safety becomes a part of the enterprise's DNA. This means that safety has to be one of the organisation's top priorities. For an organisation's safety culture to improve, there needs to be a commitment to communication that lasts. Digital signage in the workplace, which uses visual communication to spread messages, is a popular way to get people to think about safety.

Here are five ways to make sure your workplace is safe and to help build a strong safety culture.

Engineer at height

Get Rid Of Potential Hazards

Make sure the workplace is safe and doesn't have any known physical or chemical hazards. It should also follow all OSHA rules, standards, and regulations. Use your digital signage processes to remind employees about correct body mechanics, forklift safety, safe backing, lift and safety gear, what PPE is needed, and how they can avoid slipping, tripping, and falling. Encourage workers to find and report possible problems and safety violations, and take steps right away to fix them.

Make Sure You Provide Training

The company must teach all employees about safety in a way that they can understand. This training should be given to all new workers, and existing workers should be offered refresher courses or be required to take them when they change jobs internally. Use your message boards to remind people about safety training by posting short messages.

Provide The Right Tools

Make sure employees have safe tools and equipment and know how to use and take care of them. Digital signage in the workplace is a good way to remind people about how to avoid getting hurt. Raise people's awareness of how to handle dangerous materials, the lock-out/tag-out method, and how to keep machines safe.

Provide Visual Aids

Use colour codes, posters, labels, and/or signs to let workers know about possible dangers. Also, put OSHA posters in all places where people work and play, and use digital signage to share important safety information, notifications, and messages. For example, employers can use automated counters to show their safety records. This visual aid shows information in real-time and reminds workers to stay safe.

Make Safety Fun

Even though safety isn't a game, one way to get safety into the culture of a company is to make learning about safety fun. Use your digital signage at work to make trivia, quizzes, and videos about what to do and what not to do when it comes to safety. Friendly competition with prizes and the chance to be recognised by the whole company are great ways to get people to work harder. By adding some fun, there's a better chance that employees will stay interested, remember what they're learning, and help prevent accidents as a result.

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