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Safety Harnesses Explained: Who Should Wear Them & Why

If you’re someone in the construction industry, you know that staying safe on your worksite is crucial, especially when working from a height. This blog is going to explain what safety harnesses are and how they are used for safety reasons on a construction site. To find out more, keep on reading!

Safety harness

What Is A Safety Harness?

Safety harnesses are restraint systems that are worn to stop an individual from falling from a height. They are a necessary safety measure in a range of different industries. Sometimes referred to as a belt, safety harnesses are an essential piece of safety equipment for those working at a height.

Slips, trips and falls are the most common types of workplace injuries, including falling from a height, so keeping employees safe and secure is extremely serious.

Why Is Wearing A Safety Harness Important?

Hazardous construction work, especially from a height, is extremely dangerous. Taking the right safety precautions is vital to staying secure while working, which is why investing in quality belts and harnesses is so important.

Harnesses allow the wearer to stitch themselves to a stationary object so that in the event of a possible fall, they won’t hit the ground and injuries are massively reduced. You can browse our range of safety equipment here on our website.

Ensuring that your safety equipment is all secure and ready to go is also extremely important, and using faulty safety harnesses or belts can lead to workplace accidents, so this is something to check before using the harness.

Who Should Wear A Safety Harness?

If you’re working in construction industries where you are required to work at a height, or where there is a potential risk of falling, a safety harness is definitely an essential piece of equipment. Many workplaces will implement this as mandatory to ensure that everyone is working in safe conditions.

Even if you’re working at a small height that doesn’t appear dangerous, smaller falls can be fatal too, so protecting yourself in any dangerous situation is the best course of action.

Laws & Regulations

There are many regulations and safety laws in place regarding safety in the workplace, especially about working from a height. No two workplaces are the same, so having a risk assessment carried out on your site is definitely worthwhile. It can help you to avoid nasty workplace accidents and to identify any potential hazards

Finding The Right Safety Gear

If you’re looking for reliable and sturdy safety harnesses or other pieces of safety equipment, here at Lifting & Safety Gear, we have a range of products just for you. For further enquiries about how we can help you, our delivery policies or our industrial safety supplies, feel free to contact us today! Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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