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Staying Safe: Our 3 Top Tips for Working at Heights

Whether you work in construction, engineering or a number of occupations in between, if your job requires you or your workers to work from height, then safety is and should be your number one priority. Not only are there extensive regulations surrounding this, but it’s in your own best interest as an employer to ensure that your workers stay safe.

If you’re looking for advice on how to do so, or if you’re an employee wanting to make sure that your workplace is operating as they should be, then read on below to see our three top tips for safely working at height.

Working at height

1. Conduct Regular Risk Assessments

Carrying out regular risk assessments is crucial for identifying the potential hazards when working at height in a certain setting and mitigating the risks involved. These assessments should be conducted annually at a minimum, and will need to include all the risks faced by employees.

This allows you to address any risks proactively, so that the working environment can be made as safe as possible for workers, of which employers are liable for ensuring.

2. Set Up a Fall Arrest System

It’s imperative that a comprehensive fall arrest system is in place for anyone working at height. This includes wearing the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), which should include a safety harness, helmet, lanyards and fall arresters.

Fall arrest systems are legally required when working at heights of two metres or higher. Whilst fall restraints are also highly recommended (preventing the chances of a fall from occurring), fall arresters are essential for protecting you in the event that you do fall - stopping your fall before you hit any surfaces.

3. Provide Adequate Training

Whilst employees may have the training and knowledge to carry out certain tasks, if these are required to take place at height then they will also need sufficient training on working at such height.

This is essential for educating them about the risks associated and the preventative measures that they will need to implement to reduce said risks. In being equipped with this knowledge and skills, they’ll be able to handle their tasks safely and efficiently, whilst keeping themselves and others safe.

High Quality Fall Protection

If your job requires you to work at height, then ensure you have the necessary equipment to keep you and/or your employees safe.

From fall arresters and safety harnesses to lanyards and connectors, we sell a range of high quality, reliable fall protection equipment here at Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd.

For more information regarding the products we sell and for any advice on lifting and safety gear, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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