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Under Arrest: A Short Guide To Fall Arresters

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Fall arresters, or fall arrest systems, are safety devices which protect workers performing tasks at heights from the risk of falling. They are the cornerstone of any fall protection system and are used in industries such as construction, maintenance, and manufacturing. Read on to find out more about fall arrest systems, fall protection measures, and where to find good fall arresters online.

Fall arrester

What Is A Fall Arrester?

Typically, fall arresters consist of three components: an anchor point, a lanyard, and a body harness. The anchor point is a secure connection point to which the lanyard or lifeline is attached. The body harness is worn by the worker and is connected to the lanyard or lifeline.

If a worker were to fall, the fall arrester system would activate, and the lanyard or lifeline would become taut, arresting the fall and preventing the worker from hitting the ground or falling to a lower level. This can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death from falls.

As a fall protection system, fall arresters differ from a fall restrainers. Whilst a fall arrest system protects you after you fall (stopping the fall before you hit the surface), a fall restraint system prevents the user from falling any distance to start with through stopping the worker from reaching any unprotected side/edge.

It is vital to ensure that fall arresters are properly installed, used correctly, and regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are in good working condition. Additionally, workers should receive proper training on the use of fall arresters and other fall protection equipment to ensure their safety while working at heights.

The Safety Benefits Of Fall Arresters

Prevents falls

The primary safety feature of a fall arrest system is how immensely effective it is at preventing falls from height. Having a safety net ensures that falls can be controlled, with significantly less dangerous consequences.

Reduces injuries

A fall arrester reduces the severity of any injury sustained by a fall. The impact of any fall arrested by this type of system is reduced, preventing serious injurites and allowing for those working up high to have a true peace-of-mind that they are properly safe and secure.

Increased productivity

Having a fall arrest system in place can also increase the productivity of those using it. These stringent and well-enforced fall protection measures allow those at extreme heights to be work confidently and safely. With their security in place, employees will be able to be efficient and productive in their operations.

Looking For Fall Protection Equipment?

Interested in ensuring the safety and security of your employees? A fall arrester can implement strong and effective fall protection measures for your business, and allow those operating at heights to feel safe, confident, and productive in their work.

Lifting & Safety Gear stock fall arrest systems, made up of high-impact, high-strength polymer and galvanised steel wire rope, as well as a variety of our fall protection and safety gear. Get in touch today.

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