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What Is Lifting And Safety Equipment?

Whether you are opening a new area of business or updating some existing infrastructure, it’s important that you install the latest and more reliable listing and safety equipment. Some examples of this equipment can be found in the article below; read on for smarter upgrades that ensure your business is compliant and safe from liability claims.

Read more for some further information on some key pieces of lifting and safety equipment.

Lifting heavy machinery

Overhead Cranes

Used in heavy industries and manufacturing floors, overhead cranes are both efficient and safe. These cranes are made from high-density iron and secured to the ceiling of a factory. Overhead cranes are a permanent fixture in factories and are used for a range of processes and workloads.

Overhead cranes are used for moving products through the production process safely; they can be manually loaded or programmed depending on the type of cranes used and production requirements. Overhead cranes are also used for transporting products once they are complete.

Patient Hoists

Various manufacturing floors require patient hoists along with other lifting equipment. In the interest of health and safety, certain materials and loads must be lifted with a specific type of hoist. Patient hoists are used in hospitals for lifting people, but they can be used in factories.

A patient hoist is a device that has a frame with ropes, chains, and supports, it’s mainly designed to hold the weight of a person and lift them from a bed to another location, but in manufacturing, a patient hoist can be used to lift and move heavy objects of certain dimensions.

Motor Vehicle Lifts

When you work in the manufacturing sector, you need to make sure your lifts and hoists are safe and functional; not only does this protect your employees from injury, but it also protects your business from liability claims and damage to its reputation due to injury and safety concerns.

Motor vehicle lifts are designed to make the process of vehicle lifting efficient and safe. Instead of jacking up a vehicle and getting underneath it, factory workers can mount the vehicle on a lift and push a button. The vehicle will then rise up, allowing workers to access more of the vehicle.

Fork Lifts

One common site in factories and warehouses is forklifts. These lifts are specially designed to manoeuvre around the factory floor and raise heavy loads conveniently onto shelves and load trucks. While a forklift is easy enough to source, you will also have to train some forklift drivers.

As with other forms of manufacturing lift, a forklift needs to be certified and safe. Owners of forklifts need to make sure their equipment meets industry standards, and those forklift drivers are fully qualified. Failure to meet regulation standards could result in liability issues affecting business.

Final Thoughts

Whatever manufacturing or warehouse operation you run, you need some lifting and safety equipment to ensure your operations are efficient and up to standard. If an accident occurs on the factory floor, your business could be responsible for damages which can be expensive and harmful to your reputation. Make sure you install the best lifting and safety equipment available.

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