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Your Brief Guide to Ratchet Straps

Working hand in hand with webbing slings, ratchets are the unsung heroes of the lifting world. Not only do they provide a range of versatile and practical uses, but they ensure that lifting and transport tasks are carried out safely and effectively.

But, what actually are ratchet straps, and how do they work? We’ll answer all in this brief guide - read on now to learn more as we delve right in.

Ratchet strap

What is a Ratchet Strap?

A ratchet strap is a type of strap often used to tie down various types of cargo, usually on flatbeds or in trailers. They consist of a webbing sling, tie down hardware and a ratchet, which allows items to be secured tightly without risk of the straps becoming loose.

The webbing itself is often constructed using a tubular weave that uses flattened tubes of fibres instead of individual fibres, making it high strength and durable. This is used to wrap around your cargo and keep it secure. As for the ratchet, the webbing is thread through this, then it’s used to tighten the strap and keep it taught.

How Do Ratchet Straps Work?

To understand how a ratchet strap works, let us first define how a ratchet works. A ratchet is a mechanical tightening device that allows continuous motion in only one direction, while preventing motion in the opposite direction. Applying these mechanics to a ratchet strap, then, this allows a strap to be tightened by being pulled through in one direction, but stops it from being pulled the opposite way, thus keeping it taught.

This is ensured through the use of angled teeth and a pawl, which allow the webbing fabric to glide through the mechanism in the right direction, yet will catch on it should there be any force that attempts to pull it in the opposite direction.

To ensure that the strap is pulled taught, there is a handle that acts like a lever on the ratchet that is pushed up and down to feed it through the mechanism, with the teeth on the pawl gathering a section of the strap with each pump of the handle so that it wraps around a spindle, thus leaving it taught.

The handle can then be closed and locked into position, ensuring that the strap stays secure and won’t come undone until someone manually does so.

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If you use ratchet straps in your line of work, then consider us here at Lifting & Safety Gear Ltd - your trusted safety equipment supplier.

We stock a range of high quality ratchet straps, webbing slings and duplex slings, available in various lengths and weight capacities. You can rest assured that you’ll find the equipment you need to carry out your work and projects safely.

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