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  • Efficient, economic and easy to operate. Their heavy duty hydraulic pumps enable continuous and reliable use in the most difficult of conditions.
  • Orange painted finish.
  • Conforms to BS EN 16307-5 and ISO 3691-7.
  • BF Type has specially tapered forks.
  • Triangle handle without rubber.
  • Double nylon wheel type for extra reliability.
  • Fitted with entry roller and foot release.
  • Three position control handle.
  • Marked in accordance with BS EN 16307-5.

Hand Pallet Truck

PriceFrom £257.40
Excluding VAT
  • Capacity + Fork Length + Fork Width: (Please Select at Checkout):

    Capacity - 2500kg, Fork Length - 1100mm, Fork Width - 160mm.

    Capacity - 3000kg, Fork Length - 1150mm, Fork Width - 160mm. 

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